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Since the mid-1970's, Victoria County has encountered problems with attaining the Environmental Protection Agency's national air quality standards for ozone formation. In 1995, Victoria was designated as a near non-attainment area. With intentions to maintain non-attainment status, City Council member Wayne Watkins led efforts to develop strategies for a program of public education on air quality issues. Together with Anita Brunsting, today a faculty member at Victoria College, Watkins developed an innovative program of public awareness informing Victoria area residents about air quality.

This approach of public education about air quality issues is the first of it's kind in a Texas near-non-attainment area because it does not invoke ordinances or laws on the public but encourages voluntary compliance.

Today, Air Victoria educates all citizens of Victoria County about air quality through civic organization presentations, classroom presentations, public education events, media outlets and on the web.

If your organization, classroom or citizen group would like to hear more about how air quality affects Victorians today, please contact environmental programs coordinator.
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