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About AirVictoria
Area-wide agencies and organizations developed a coalition called "Clean Air Counts" to promote our community-wide campaign for air quality improvement. "Clean Air Counts" is an independent, non-profit group established to educate the Victoria community on air quality issues, particularly ground-level ozone, and on the voluntary actions people can take to reduce pollution. Members represent a cross-section of government agencies, industry, and business organizations in Victoria county.

The mission of the Clean Air Counts Program is to educate the general public about:
  • The health hazards and environmental effects of air pollution (especially ozone),

  • The actions we can take to protect ourselves when harmful levels of pollution exist,

  • Measures we can take to improve the quality of the air we breathe by reducing emissions that cause air pollution.
In January 2003, Clean Air Counts became Air Victoria. Air Victoria will continue to educate and involve our community in efforts to improve Victoria's air quality. The program will also provide the necessary communications system to alert Victorians about Ozone Alert Days.

Local government sponsors of Air Victoria are:

City of Victoria