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Local governments and small business are encouraged to become a member of the Air Victoria Team. For more information, please contact Environmental Programs Coordinator.

Air Victoria Team Member application

Air Victoria Team informational brochure

AirVictoria Team

Air Victoria Team is a cooperative effort of the City of Victoria, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to reduce emissions of ozone producing chemicals in the Victoria area. Leadership includes:

  • Environmental Programs Coordinator, City of Victoria

  • Director, Environmental Services, City of Victoria


1. Utilize community resources to increase sustainable behaviors benefiting Victoria through increased air quality
2. Recognize businesses, industries and local governmental entities that implement voluntary and sustainable practices that promote clean air
3. Support partnerships with TCEQ, Victoria County and City of Victoria and foster relationships that promote clean air in Victoria County
4. Create Air Victoria Team logos that are recognized as a symbol of air quality excellence in Victoria County
5. Increase public information on the detrimental effects on health and the economy when federal ozone standards are not met
6. Cooperation of local government, business and industry voluntary pollutant reduction behaviors during Ozone Alerts
7. Promotion of TCEQ Small business and local government assistance program environmental site visits
8. Reduction of mobile and point source emissions in Victoria County
9. Report measurable emissions reduction in Victoria County

Membership, Resolutions, Benefits and Incentives

Air Victoria Team members are industries, businesses, local governments, schools, post secondary educational institutions and nonprofit organizations who make commitments to environmental best practices that sustain clean air in Victoria County.

As a participating team member, organizations choose from one (1) of the Category One resolutions and three (3) of the Category Two resolutions.

Members participate in brief annual survey to report progress. Team members may renew membership annually.

To become an Air Victoria Team member, please contact Environmental Programs Coordinator at (361)485-3230 or via email at Environmental Programs Coordinator .

Category One (choose one or more):

1. Small Business/Local Governments: Participate in TCEQ SBLGA site visit program
For more information, go to and website
2. Participate in TCEQ Clean Texas program
For more information, go to website
3. Large Business (150+ employees) participate in TCEQ Pollution Prevention (P2) program
For more information, go to website
4. Transporters may participate in Responsible Care Program
For more information, go to website
5. Other voluntary environmental programs may be considered on a case by case
basis by submitting a proposal to Victoria Air Quality Outreach Committee for

Category Two (choose three or more):

1. Limit driving and encourage carpooling or ridesharing
2. Brown bag lunch for employees during ozone season
3. Re-fuel fleet and equipment after 5 p.m.
4. Stop at the Click--don't top off fuel tanks
5. Perform fleet maintenance every 3,000 miles/vehicle and perform regular maintenance on equipment
5. Conserve electricity. Post Air Victoria Team decals on all light switches that indicate, "turn off lights when not in use."
6. Use gas powered lawn equipment after 5 p.m.

Benefits and Incentives

The benefits of participation in Air Victoria Team include:

  • Continuation of the availability of federal highway funds through compliance with federal clean air standards

  • Avoidance of a moratorium on construction in Victoria county

  • Program assistance through TCEQ SBLGA site assistance and regional training events

  • Free public information promoting community recognition of Air Victoria Team members as environmentally responsible

  • Information exchange and member profiles through online forums on the Air Victoria website

  • Recognition in the use of Ozone Alert flag or banner, window decals, promotional materials, visibility in media and print publications

  • Ozone alerts via email to allow for planning and implementation of behaviors that promote clean air

  • Ozone antenna flags for vehicles maintained every 3,000 miles
  • Air Victoria Team members may identify membership using Air Victoria Team logos in brochures, newsletters, annual reports, articles, web sites and educational materials

  • Opportunities for training on environmental issues